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  • Is that next level of success still eluding you?

  • Are you caught in an endless swirl of stress, worry and frustration?

  • Ready to create a positive shift in your career or business but you simply don’t know what to do differently to make that happen?


Hi, I’m Michele Molitor, founder of Nectar Consulting Inc., an executive coaching and consulting company. I have a proven track record of helping business owners and executives implement effective strategies to grow their Emotional Intelligence, enhance their leadership and empower their teams for sustainable growth.

I can help you get untangled from the mental noise and clutter, refocus your goals and plans, and discover unseen opportunities.

My unique inside-out approach is a culmination of years of study in the realms of Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Physics, Behavioral & Organizational Psychology, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Sales, Marketing and Spiritual Teachings to help catalyze shifts in your thinking, eliminate mental/emotional blocks and rewire your brain for greater confidence and success. All to enhance your capacity as a leader, build high performing teams and exponentially increase bottom line results.

Helping you to achieve that next level of success and find the peace of mind that has been eluding you for too long.

  •  Discover Your Genius Zone and How to Operate From Here All of the Time
  •  Move from Overwhelm to Clarity with Empowering New Perspectives
  •  Create Rapid Transformational Breakthroughs to Quantum Leap Your Success
  •  Master Your Mindset to Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Take the first step towards breaking free of the mindsets and bad habits that are holding you back!

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“Someday” Starts Now.  Unlock the Power of You.Nectar Consulting is a Certified B Corporation


To your success!

Michele Molitor, Founder

Nectar Consulting, Inc.

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