The Definition of Crazy

Welcome to December!
Holy Moly Batman – where has the year gone?
Well, here we are so what are you going to do? 😉

As the year winds down in its last month, it’s often a good time for reflection.Looking back to see what goals you’ve accomplished, and the goals that didn’t quite make the cut.

  • What achievements and goals can you celebrate?
  • What mistakes and stumbles can you learn from?
  • What confidence killers were holding you back?


What will you do differently in 2016 to shift your results and amplify your success?

(Because you know the definition of crazy right? “Doing the same thing and expecting different results.”)

When you take time to pause, reflect and write out the things that you want to commit to shifting in the new year, you’re taking the first step towards your success.

However, if you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, frustrated or downright bummed about what DIDN’T happen for you this year, then drop me a note and tell me what you’ve been struggling with this year.

Sometimes, an outside, fresh perspective can make all the difference in helping you to see things more clearly so you can get back on track with your plans, dreams and goals.

My year end “Blast of Clarity” session may be just the shot in the arm you need to bust up the mental blocks and bad habits that have been holding you back and craft your plan for 2016, making it your best year yet!

Don’t let your past stumblings get in the way of creating your bright future.I can see clearly now

Let me know what you’ve been challenged with this year, I read all my emails.

To Your Success~






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