What’s the one barrier

that consistently deters you

from achieving success?

 And more importantly, what is that barrier costing you in time, money, joy, and satisfaction?

Stop waiting—and stop wondering why the kind of change you want eludes you. Let me help you breakthrough your barriers to get where you want to be on a personal and professional level.

Now is the time.

Hi, I’m Michele Molitor. My company, Nectar Consulting, Inc. is a coaching and consulting company.

However, we provide much, much more than typical “coaching,” we call it Rapid RewiringTM” because it is profoundly transformative, more powerful, effective and faster than stand alone coaching.

My unique combination of skills, honed over 16 years of practice, constant learning and informed by a lifetime of corporate experience and entrepreneurship—gives me unique and powerful abilities to help you get where you want to be—fast.

Working with a variety of business owners, executives, and busy career professionals, our clients rave about our skill in helping them remove their blind spots and implement effective strategies to grow their Emotional Intelligence, enhance their leadership and empower their teams for sustainable growth.

My distinctive Rapid RewiringTM approach combines expertise in Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Rapid Transformational TherapyTM (RTT), Physics, Behavioral & Organizational Psychology, and Neurolinguistic programing to help catalyze shifts in your thinking, in weeks, vs. months or even years.

In as little as one breakthrough experience, I can help you eliminate mental, emotional and physical blocks and rewire your brain for greater confidence and success.

What’s Needed Now To Accelerate Your Success?

RTC is a unique combination of Coaching + Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy to help you quickly get unstuck. Learn More.
Talent Dynamics Assessment is a powerful tool to help you operate from your natural Genius Zone. Learn More.
Team Development Learning Labs can help your team go from good to great. Learn More.
Motivational Keynotes and Speaking can inspire your organization or group to enhance their personal and professional success. Learn More.

Take the first step towards breaking free of the negative mindsets, fears, phobias and bad habits that are holding you back!

“Someday” Starts Now.  Unlock the Power of You.


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 Here are just a few rave reviews from some of our clients:

T-Ann Pierce

Life and Mindset Coach | T-AnnPierce.com | Chicago, IL

“I first came to Michele with terrible writer’s block. While I am a writer, the ability to actually sit down and begin writing had become torturous. Deadlines were giving me lack of sleep. I was in a constant state of creating excuses. I was slipping further and further from my dreams of making writing a strong part of my business presence. My stress made me inflexible. I was losing opportunities to advance my career. A vicious circle had been created.

I read countless books and hired two writing coaches, but nothing seemed to budge. Then, I had an opportunity to attend a webinar hosted by Michele. I was impressed with Michele (though still suspicious) and decided I had nothing to lose. I signed up for a discovery call. Michele was accommodating. She fit me in quickly and reassured me that RTC could help.

It did. Immediately. 

I can’t explain it, not only did the floodgates of writing open, but I felt a calm, a confidence and an ease in living that I have never known. My husband said I even look and carry myself differently! I cannot tell you how well I sleep!

This experience was so powerful that I used Michele’s expertise a second time. I have a confidence that has changed my world, my business and my career. I am now saying ‘yes’ to projects I would have otherwise avoided. An entirely new facet of my career has opened up for me since my first meeting with Michele a mere six weeks ago!

Michele is in the business of granting miracles!

I have already recommended Michele to my friends and my family. Imagine describing your most vulnerable, pain point to someone. Imagine if someone could wipe away your greatest insecurities, your greatest fears, your greatest vulnerabilities. That is what it is like working with Michele: you hold in front of her a complicated, overwhelming, inexplicable and painful list of reasons why you can’t. She hands back a clean slate of why you can.

Run, don’t walk, to Michele.” 

Renee Ventaloro

Founder & CEO, Pro Help Australia | Toowoomba, Australia

“Thank you again for our amazing session, I’ve been listening to the recording as I go to sleep at night for the last 2 weeks after our session and noticed I was waking up feeling more confident and less stressed about almost everything.

With regards to my confidence, I feel it is a bit more deeply rooted in my brain and less shaken by events throughout the day.  I really don’t sweat the small stuff anymore!  This is a great feeling as I begin to shake the need to be highly strung with overly high expectations of everyone and everything.

Thank you again for helping me re-wire my brain and get over the insecurities and personal feelings of failure and shortcomings. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

Linton Johnson

Chief Strategist, Office of External Affairs | San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District | Oakland, CA

“I’m just stunned at how skilled Michele is at hypnotherapy. Other so-called professionals have tried to hypnotize me but to no avail. So I was skeptical about whether Michele would be able to succeed when others couldn’t. But in the very first session, she quickly put me in a deep and relaxing hypnotic sleep. I awoke and instantly began to feel transformed. Thanks to that one, incredible session, I have been easily able to conquer all the mindset issues that I told Michele were holding me back.

Michele, you are both an amazing person and a powerfully brilliant coach!”

Breakthrough Healing- Co-Authored by Michele Molitor

My latest book “Breakthrough Healing,”  now a best seller, is available on Amazon!

Breakthrough Healing, provides insights and wisdom into the power of alternative medicine. Through a series of interviews with six healers of different modalities from around the world, you’ll uncover their story, their journey, and a look at the healing arts that they practice.

Experts in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Human Ops—have come together to shine light on their various techniques, proving that alternative medicine can have effects just as and sometime even more powerful than western practices. The goal is to shine light on the various healing methods utilized by these extraordinary healers, with the intent to help demystify their work and share it with others.

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All proceeds from the book are going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.