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Team Development

For Successful Business Growth

Eliminate communication breakdowns, overloaded managers, and disorganized and ineffective workflow.


We offer innovative “Team Development Learning Lab” programs for building team cohesiveness and productivity, which starts with amplifying the emotional intelligence of your entire organization, to create greater trust and collaboration.

Some typical team challenges we see:

  • Overwhelmed executive team pulled in too many directions
  • Managers wearing too many hats
  • Miscommunication and drama between departments
  • Employees not working from their strengths
  • Team members are caught in a swirling vortex of fears, doubts, assumptions and mistrust

Sound familiar? If some of these resonate with you, contact us today and let’s solve these common challenges.

We take a detailed evaluation of each project team and then craft a customized development plan to streamline and turbo charge the entire organization.

Our customized plans are crafted to help optimize your team’s communications, productivity, trust, collaboration and job satisfaction.

Each custom plan is comprised of various elements such as:

  • Company, Department and Team Surveys
  • Team interviews
  • Personality and Work Style Assessments
  • Half day, Full Day and Two Day Team Learning Labs
  • Individual and Small Group Coaching

Our engaging programs and team coaching elements, help executives and employees alike. They will help you:

  • Overcome the “Drama” factor to communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • Eliminate “double work”
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Break down barriers of mistrust
  • Eliminate fears and assumptions

We help your staff discover their productivity “sweet spot”, where individuals are working at their professional (and personal) best – freed from the common productivity traps and personality conflicts that can slow progress.

We offer powerful professional development for new teams, ones that have recently undergone staffing changes, and work groups with far-ranging and complex responsibilities. Our team development programs are also an excellent resource for executives who want to ensure seamless management of a company’s operations.

“Amazing – Seriously. The best personal and professional team development program I’ve done since the CTI leadership program in 2006. I have been hungry to find a process that would grow me and our team in a new and different way that made sense.
5 Stars!”
~ Dr. Deanna Vansickel-Staudt
Director of Global Leadership & People | Home Instead
“From the two-day customized program that Nectar Consulting created for my entire team, we have learned the power and value of deepening relationships with colleagues and co-workers by better understand each others unique strengths, talents and compelling Why. It has given us a way to be more open and real with each other which is really enhancing our results!”
~ Ingrid Merriwether CEO | Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services
MWIS 2 Day Team Summit

 ~  Sarah Weber, Teacher, St. Joseph Montessori School

~Melissa, Supervisor, Costco

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Monique August, MSW

Director | Contracts and Program Development | RT Fisher Educational Enterprises | Oakland, CA

“Our company contracted with Nectar Consulting to provide professional development training for our diverse staff. With their training, guidance, and insightful activities, our staff enhanced their ability to communicate with each other as well as with a variety of clients. The training enhanced the cohesiveness of our team and helped us establish processes and guidelines for working with each other more effectively. 

Specifically, Michele’s guidance enabled us to identify and utilize the talents of each member to produce a more efficient work environment. The strategies and activities she utilized especially proved effective and enhanced the development of our least experienced staff members and those that were new to our field. Her professionalism and follow-through was appreciated. We look forward to working with Nectar Consulting in the future.”